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Our team of award-winning designers is experienced in creating beautiful spaces.

We believe that our talented design team sets Mountainwood Homes apart; and our projects turn out the way they do because of our designers’ capacity to see the final vision among all of the individual selections and their ability to understand the needs of the client.

We have worked with hundreds of homeowners, guiding them through the design process and fueling ideas. From layouts, material selections, cabinet designs, hardware, paint choices and more, we are able to create spaces that are functional and fit your lifestyle. We arrange and accompany you to the showroom appointments, assisting you with the many selection decisions that are required for a renovation. We establish the timelines to keep your project moving, guide selections to stay within budget, document the product choices, and communicate to our trade partners to ensure proper installation.

“What do we start with first?”

We advise clients in order to make informed design selections that really make a difference in the space. At times, it can be overwhelming to see the light at the end of the remodeling tunnel, but it is our goal to keep our eye on the final vision. How will the light fixtures go with the plumbing selections? What color paint complements your tile choices? You can be confident that your space will be transformed into a space you can feel proud of because you were a part of the process. It is all about the collaboration between your vision, our talent, the combination of materials and superb craftsmanship that make the finished product better than you could have imagined.


What’s your next project? We’d love to help. Contact us to set up an on-site visit of your project.