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Takeaways from the Builders’ Show

Our team is back from The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show in Orlando. The Builders’ Show attracted over 70,000 attendees and coincided with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s (NKBA) Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) for Design & Construction Week. The two shows hosted more than 1,200 exhibiting brands for the largest annual gathering of the residential design and construction industry.

The Mountainwood Homes team is always learning. This year, our Project Developers and Design Team spent a few days wandering the 800,000 square feet of exhibit space, experiencing the newest products, learning from industry experts, and connecting with our peers from all over the world.

Mountainwood Homes Portland Airport Carpet Photo
Off to Florida! Can’t leave PDX without the traditional PDX Carpet photo!

Our favorite takeaways from The International Builders’ Show:

Smart Home Technologies are everywhere

Ivan France Mountainwood Homes

“Almost everything is connected these days. Your deadbolt, garage door opener, lights, appliances, heating and cooling system, or any other type of electrical device are all capable of being connected. There are many benefits to this, including remote operation, set schedules, servicing, and even addressing potential problems before they happen. The problem is having the right platform that allows you one place to go to program or operate all these smart devices that are easy for more than one member of the home to understand and access. Many companies are working to solve this issue. Some appliance companies are even working with their competitors to make their products connect and work together.”

Ivan France, CAD Operator & Integrator



Unique products stood out

Sarah Peek Mountainwood Homes

“I absolutely adored these sexy, curvy, playful, colorful vessel sinks from Konkretus, an artisanal Columbian company. Their sinks are made with dyed concrete, come in many shapes, and have a textural and organic feel. The colors range from warm neutrals to blushes and sage tones. Acquabella also had products with a sleek and contemporary vibe.”

 Sarah Peek, Designer


Konkretus Sink Display at the International Builders’ Show
These Konkretus sinks are made with dyed concrete.


White Acquabella Sink
Acquabella molds their sink products into complex shapes within a functional design for easy cleaning and a silky touch.



The construction industry needs more skilled trades

Heidi Augee Mountainwood Homes

“We need more skilled trades professionals in the construction industry to keep up with demand. One exciting example of combined efforts includes the NAHB teaming up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to introduce more youth to future careers in residential construction. They’re working together to promote career exploration and connect people to help provide some work-based learning activities and access to skills development programs.”

Heidi Augee, Talent Manager



Induction cooktops are the rage

Angela Dechard Mountainwood Homes

“There is a new induction cooking method that I completely fell in love with and can’t wait to specify (even if it’s only in my house). It’s called Invisacook, and basically, it’s an induction cooktop that you install under a porcelain slab countertop.  The induction goes right through the porcelain, and you are cooking with what looks like no element; it’s super clean and modern.  The porcelain slabs are also gorgeous and come in many colors, textures, and patterns.  Slabs can also be used as cabinet door fronts and shower walls and cover almost any surface.  Awesome!”

Angela Dechard, Designer


Greg Nelson Mountainwood Homes


“The induction cooktop on a solid surface was the neatest new product at the show!”
Greg Nelson, Director of Project Development


Induction Cooktop demonstration at the International Builders’ Show
Induction Cooktops don’t heat the countertops.



Everyone wants flexible spaces

Sharon Fitzsimmons Mountainwood Homes


“Whether interior or exterior, flexible spaces are popular. The more flexible the space the better.”
Sharon Fitzsimmons, Design Coordinator


Secure package area in the front of a modern home
This home featured a secure area for package deliveries.


Textures add depth

Heather Wood Mountainwood Homes


“The Hardie Architectural Collection from JamesHardie features contemporary textures on their new siding panels. It’s so cool and can be used inside as an accent wall too!”
Heather Wood, Owner/Designer


Hardie Architectural Collection Display at the International Builders’ Show
The JamesHardie display featured Hardie Architectural Panels in distinctive textures inspired by nature.

Sierra Lemieux Mountainwood Homes


“There’s now color and texture on everything! I especially liked the vertical wood wall cladding.”
Sierra Lemieux, Designer


Slat Wood Panel Display at the International Builders’ Show
There are so many new wall panels in various materials and designs.


Remodeling is a rollercoaster of emotion

Ammon Hardy Mountainwood Homes

“My biggest takeaway from the show was a customer happiness timeline visual that showed the roller coaster of emotions clients could feel through a remodel. It was a humorous way of setting realistic construction expectations.”
Ammon Hardy, Project Developer


Remodeling Rollercoaster Chart
The hilarious Internet sensation of Dan’s Funk Chart illustrates the different stages of the remodeling process and how it affects all parties differently.


Business takeaways from our peers at the International Builders’ Show

Derek Wood Mountainwood Homes

“I sat in on a class about building clients for life and got some great ideas on how we can better serve our clients not only during their remodel but years down the road by maintaining their home and the relationship.”
Derek Wood, Project Developer



Robert Wood Mountainwood Homes


“This quote I heard stood out: ‘Get good at solving problems. Don’t be somebody else’s problem.’”
Robert Wood, Owner/President




Color is back!

Heather Wood Mountainwood Homes

“People have been down and out, and they want something to jazz up their life! I loved GE Appliance’s booth. It was so inspiring! We’re moving away from white cabinets toward a fun, bright mix of colors and finishes.
Heather Wood, Owner/Designer


Monogram's Display at the International Builders' Show
Monogram’s Display featured a variety of fun colors.

Cindy Bauer Mountainwood Homes


“I loved the different color options on these modern toilets.”
Cindy Bauer, Design Assistant



Colorful Toilet Display at the International Builders’ Show
Who says your toilet has to be white? These colorful toilets will jazz up any bathroom.



Does your home need an upgrade?

This year, the Mountainwood Homes team had a great time seeing the new industry trends at the International Builders’ Show. We’re eager to implement new product offerings and design trends into our local clients’ projects. If you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or whole home, reach out to our team to talk about the possibilities with your home.



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