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4 Tips to Help You Survive a Major Kitchen Renovation

When you look through the home design magazines and see examples of stunning kitchen renovations, there never seems to be much information about the actual renovation process. It can be tough getting through a major kitchen renovation, but if you’ve always dreamed of a luxurious kitchen, it’s a necessity. Surviving kitchen renovations in Portland is possible, as long as you follow these four essential tips.

 1. Communicate With Your Contractor

The most important thing to do throughout a major kitchen remodeling project is communicate with your contractor. Homeowners can get stressed out and frustrated during the process if they aren’t expressing their ideas to the people doing the work. If something doesn’t look right, speak up. Most contractors doing kitchen renovations in Portland want to please their customers and do high-quality work. This way, you won’t feel as powerless during the process.

 2. Create a Temporary Kitchen

 Throughout the process, you’ll also need to stage a temporary kitchen area. Some kitchen remodeling projects take many weeks, and a busy family will still need access to water for cleaning and cooking. A good idea is to move a few small appliances, such as the microwave and toaster, near a bathroom. Stock up on disposable plates and plastic cutlery to avoid having a pile of dirty dishes every night.

3. Schedule a Trip

Another good idea may be to schedule a vacation during your renovation. It can be tough to not have kitchen access during the remodeling process, so a break may do you good. When you come back from a refreshing trip, you can see the progress and avoid some of the headaches.

4. Focus on the End Goal

Finally, it’s important to stay focused on the end goal of a brand new, updated kitchen. Sure, the process of kitchen renovations in Portland can be inconvenient at times, but your patience and diligence will pay off with a gorgeous final product.

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