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4 Trends in Home Building for 2018 and Beyond

Home design is constantly changing to reflect the latest tastes of the next generation of home buyers. New construction, especially, sees an influx of unique styles and top trends in home design. Now that 2018 is almost here, you can expect to see some common themes across new home building. Home builders in Portland, Oregon and all around the country have spotted these top four trends in new home construction.

1. Energy Saving

The biggest trend that nearly all home builders are catering to is the demand for energy efficiency. Today’s homebuyers are in tune with the need for a greener and more efficient home that helps them save money on their utility bills each month. Home designers and architects are working together to create layouts that utilize sustainable materials, natural light and renewable energy sources to keep costs down for purchasers over time.

2. Open Air

Another big trend that has maintained its popularity for several years now is the open floor plan. Families today prefer a home design that is less closed off and more open. Instead of separated rooms, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room, buyers today want a large open great room that performs all of these functions. This way, families can be together and spend more time with each other.

3. Technology

Smart homes are also evolving in their popularity and design. Homeowners today can opt for smart appliances that connect with their phone via mobile technology. Additionally, home builders in Portland, Oregon are using technology to help keep homes connected and comfortable with climate control, security and other essential features.

4. Outdoor Spaces

Home builders in Portland, Oregon and across the country are also focusing more on formal outdoor spaces. Instead of simply leaving it up to the homebuyer to figure out, more new construction plans are creating extensive outdoor gathering areas for buyers to enjoy.

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