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5 Construction Tools Our Project Managers Can’t Live Without

Using the right tool is critical for home remodeling and new home building. Have you seen the back of a construction worker’s truck? Workers must be prepared for any scenario that comes their way. Having an arsenal of tools is the first step. Construction laborers rely on a variety of hand and power tools to do their job. However, project managers coordinate all the moving parts to ensure the right people, products and materials are used. Whether it’s during a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation or building a custom home from the ground up, the project manager relies on their own set of tools. While we expected to read a list of power tools, our project management team relies on technology to complete their jobs.

5 Construction Tools Our Project Managers Can’t Live Without

  • Phone

    “I’m on the phone all day long to coordinate the moving parts of a job. I’m calling our trade partners, homeowners, and workers. I also use my Buildertrend app on my phone to keep on schedule.” – Cory Richardson

    Iphone with Construction Schedule on Screen

  • Truck

    “A truck gets you where you need to be.” – Greg Spangler

    Mountainwood Homes Truck on Construction Job Site

  • iPad

    “I have a whole pile of tools I can’t live without, but my iPad is my go-to for information.” – Adam Heimbigner

    Hands Holding Computer Tablet with Master Bathroom Photo on Screen and Drawing Behind.

  • Sawzall

    “It’s useful because it literally saws all!” – David Bonfiglio

    Sawzall construction tool with cord

  • Tape Measure

    “Measure twice, cut once. We couldn’t do what we do without a simple tape measure.” – Chad Wisniewski

    tape measure isolated on white background

In conclusion, project managers require a variety of tools in their toolbox. Tools that help with communication, transportation and information top the list. Above all, the project manager’s job is to keep the project on schedule, within budget, and ensure that everyone is informed in order to carry out their specific role in the building process. Having the right tools, people and processes on hand allow us to transform our client’s homes and improve their lifestyle.



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