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5 Steps to Building a New Home

Your new home is going to be your castle, so why not build it right from the ground up? Whether you’re looking to build a mansion or a cottage, new home builders in Portland are ready to help you build the house of your dreams. No matter if you’ve just bought the land or already have existing plans, professional builders can help you turn your dream into a reality. The dream-to-home process usually includes these five steps,

1. Owning a lot

No matter what you’re planning on building you need to have a piece of land to build upon.

2. Plan

Once you have your land, you need to have a plan for the house you want to build. Professional home builders, such as Mountainwood Homes, can work with the architect you’ve hired or they can help you create the plans themselves.

3. Price

No matter where you build and what type of house you’re building, it’s going to cost money. When you use one of the trusted new home builders in Portland, they can work together with you to keep your house within your budget.

4. Design

Building a house usually brings to mind creating the exterior of the structure, but the interior design and space usage is equally important. Even if you’re an interior decorator, it never hurts to consult another designer for fresh ideas about laying out your living space.

5. Build

New homes in Portland, Oregon have to be built to the highest standards, and this is where using professional homebuilders is important. These professionals know the rules and regulations that are involved in home building, and they use the highest-quality building materials to ensure your new home is built to last.

There is nothing more exciting than moving into your custom-built new home, and new home builders in Portland want you to be happy with the finished product. These professionals are there to help you through the home building process, as well as provide superior craftsmanship and customer service as your take your dream to a reality.



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