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A Place for Everything: Custom Solutions

“It’s just not working!” The number one reason our clients embark on a remodel is to find a way to create a more functional use of their space (and make it look better!)

The benefit to remodeling or building a new home is that you have the opportunity to completely personalize your space. Costco shampoo bottles? Build a taller shower caddy. Medicine cabinet to house all your necessities? Let’s measure the bottles. Want to see your pantry items? Install pull-out cabinets.

Not only do our projects look beautiful, they function beyond our client’s wildest dreams – and they should! This process allows our clients to look how they really live, decide what’s important to them, and address what’s currently not working. Then we collaborate to find a fix.

Here are some creative solutions to our client’s storage sorrows that have provided peace of mind as well as completely utilizing the space in their home.

Rub-a-dub-dub, I’m watching TV from the tub!
NW Portland master bathroom

The client wanted to have a TV in bathroom so she could watch her favorite show, Dowton Abbey while bathing in her luxurious soaking tub. So we created a built-in furniture piece in an armoire style. The cabinets close up to hide the tube, and there’s towel and toilet paper storage in drawers below. The walk-in shower is on the other side of the diving cabinet.

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Under the Stairs Storage
SE Portland main bathroom

As the only bathroom in the home, it had to function well for this family of three.  We designed a glass partition in between sink and toilet to gain some privacy and also gives the bath some interest. There was no room for storage so we built a cabinet into the wall which was under the stairs – a creative use of unused space under stairs.

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Love Those Linens

Beaverton master bathroom

Our client wanted to be able to access her linens from both her bath and master bedroom, so we designed a cabinet that was open to both. Our clever client came up with the concept, and it worked beautifully for them.  With bed linens for bedroom and towels for bath, the cabinet provides the best of both worlds.

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Girl Talk

Tualatin kitchen

In this U-shaped kitchen, mom wanted an overhang on the counter for only one stool.  This special stool was for her teenage daughter to sit and talk to mom while she was preparing dinner in order to download her on all the events after a day at school. We love this memorable idea, and we’re sure a lot of important life’s lessons for both went on during these talks.

Heather Woods 094
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Elevated Eating
NE Portland kitchen

The nook was very tight due to the path to the sliding glass door.  The area was too small for the usual floating nook table.  Since it was important for family to eat together, we designed an island that accommodates dinnertime.  The eating portion was raised and we changed surfaces to separate the eating area from the working part of the island.

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Whether your space is large or small, a thoughtful design takes in all considerations so life after a remodel is easier and more organized than before.



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