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Drink Up! Integrating Beverage Stations

Let’s face it – we love our beverages. Whether its water, coffee, tea or wine, we all want easy access to our favorite sips in our homes. More and more of our clients are adding beverage stations and coffee bars to their remodel plans. Tackling a remodel allows our clients to realize their daily habits, daydream about efficient entertaining, and create a space that functions for their needs when it’s all over.

As you gather in your homes to host friends and family over Thanksgiving dinner, ask yourself, “Does my space cater to the needs of my family and guests?”

For most – the answer is an overwhelming no! A remodel can help you get there just in time for the next holiday season. Crave a fancy coffee in the morning? Save on the $5 lattes and opt for a coffee station. Want to host happy hour in your living room instead of at the local wine bar? Anything is possible! With so many options with updated appliances, it’s never been easier to incorporate special features into your home.

Here are some Mountainwood Homes projects that have integrated beloved beverages into the design. Cheers!

No More Overpriced Latte?

In West Linn, the residents of this charming cottage love the morning ritual of a piping hot latte on a chilly morning, so they incorporated it into their kitchen design. In the push of a button, you can have your favorite drink without even having to take off your slippers. This professional, built-in coffee maker is not inexpensive, so it’s best for the coffee connoisseur. The ideal height for a built-in coffee maker is just about counter height, but it depends on the user.

casual modern coffee bar

lake oswego home coffee bar


Entertaining for the Big Game

The existing, basic, builder spec kitchen in this Northwest Portland home had an awkward layout. A complete redesign allowed us to factor in the client’s need for entertaining. With the bar area now near the sliding door, the new layout makes it easy to entertain friends over for a BBQ and watch the Duck game. We installed an under counter beverage fridge and wine station which is out of the way for the hustle and bustle of the gourmet kitchen.

Raising the Bar Remodel


Hidden Bar Cabinet

This Southwest Portland kitchen remodel features a display cabinet bar with roll out drawers to house liquor bottles, glass doorfronts to show off glassware, and a large wine rack above the microwave. The wall of custom storage integrates appliances and provides more than enough storage for serving dishes and access to the good stuff; it’s better than a hotel mini bar!

lake oswego kitchen pantry


Maximize Counter Space

The kitchen in this Northeast Portland home was narrow and needed to have better flow in the space. An angled nook near the microwave, oven and fridge provide for the perfect spot to feature a coffee bar as well as shelves for mugs, tea and all of the fixings. We were able to maximize counter space by moving the coffee machine to the beverage station which makes that area serve a purpose.

built-in coffee bar next to the kitchen


Bar Conversion

We redesigned this typical 90s kitchen in Bethany to be more functional for their family. We converted an underused desk in the family room right off the kitchen into a more usable bar. Cubbies for wine bottles and an under-cabinet refrigerator make family gatherings fun for the resident bartender.

wine bar with beverage fridge



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