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Create a game plan for updating your home

Updating your home is a process. While you may have recently tackled a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the rest of your house may be in design limbo. Here are some ways to tie in the updated spaces so they fit in with the rest of the home.


Replace worn out carpet
“There are two things that you see when you walk into any home: flooring, whether that’s carpet or hardwood, and wall paint,” said Mountainwood Homes’ project developer, Ivan France. “There is nothing else that’s as predominant.”


Update flooring and upgrade baseboards
“Everyone wants to create an open concept, but whenever you do that, the flooring has to change. When you remove a wall or peninsula, there will be missing flooring – even if it’s a four-inch strip,” said France. “A true open concept is when the flooring doesn’t have any breaks in it. When you update the flooring, you have to remove the base and you might as well upgrade it at that same time.”

Installing new, taller baseboard with gives your entire home a more substantial feel and cleaner lines. If you’re starting with 2.5” to 3” baseboard, we usually bump up to 5.5” or at least a few inches taller to create impact.


Painting is one of the easiest ways to make a big change. Tired of all that beige? Regretting that accent wall you painted years ago? A fresh coat of paint allows you to give your space the update it deserves and also change color palettes. You can change paint colors as often as you want for an inexpensive update.


Change out door hardware
Tired of that shiny, brass hardware throughout your house? Change out door handles, hinges and door stops to your desired finish. You don’t have to change out the upper floor until you’re ready; simply switch out the common areas that are visible such as the entry door, power bath and entry closet. This project can add up, but if you phase it out over time, you’ll soon carry through the new look to your entire house.

Change lighting fixtures and bulbs
Lighting sets the mood in any home, and there is nothing worse than outdated, basic fixtures. Swapping out fixtures or even just the blubs helps create a consistent feeling in your home. LED bulbs are brighter and whiter while incandescent skews more warm and yellow. Change bulbs to make your home the same color temperature.


Enhance the fireplace mantle and surround
Fireplaces are an important focal point, and you can update the materials surrounding the fireplace and the mantle itself to give the space a totally new feeling. Adding cultured stone, a thicker mantle, new tile or painting the fireplace insert give a pop to the space.


Switch out accessories
A trip to HomeGoods and a stroll down the aisles at Target can do wonders for your home. Switching out pillows, throw blankets, artwork, and accessories are some of the easiest things you can do to update your space. Whether it’s seasonally or a more long-term plan, accessories can be swapped out as often as you’d like. De-clutter the space and find new homes for some of your favorite pieces can make it feel like you’re in a completely new space. Have fun with it! They say that your home is never really “done,” so turn on some music and have fun tinkering with all of your accessories!




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