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Entertain Like a Gourmet With a Renovated Kitchen

Does your kitchen lure you in to create more of your favorite dishes? Is everything you need easy to reach, easy to store, and easy to clean? Do you long for a better entertainment setting? Perhaps it’s time you thought about some kitchen renovations in Lake Oswego.

Whether you are remodeling prior to selling or your partner has been leaving post-it notes all over, hinting “Wouldn’t this look good in stainless?” or “Isn’t blue your favorite color?”, don’t worry about wasting your money. According to one estimate, homeowners can expect an almost 85 percent return on investment from your kitchen upgrade when you do decide to sell. Check out your options at Mountainwood Homes.

Speaking of blue, it’s a great color choice for kitchen renovations in Lake Oswego. Available in a plethora of shades, blue works well in a variety of design styles. As one of the most popular gathering places in your home, the kitchen should be inviting and comfortable yet efficient. If your current space is a bit too cramped to be conversation-friendly, imagine a more open floor design, counters and islands that double as seating areas, and even a fire pit in the corner! Plenty of drawer space, and open or closed cabinetry will make your outdated kitchen the welcoming gathering and cooking space you long for. Instead of lower cabinets, for example, lower drawers are becoming more and more popular. You can easily stack items and keep your cooking accessories more organized. Save space and hide clutter with pull-out shelving. Easy to access when you need it, but hidden when you don’t, pull-out shelving keeps your kitchen clutter free.

With an almost guaranteed return on your investment dollar, you’ve got nothing to lose. Stop dreaming of kitchen renovations in Lake Oswego and get started now. You’ll be cooking and entertaining in your dream sooner rather than later.



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