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Five Steps on the Journey to Remodeling a House in Beaverton

Did you ever see a gorgeous home and think to yourself, “I wonder if I could ever have a home like that?” or “Where do you even start with a home remodel?” Well, as they say: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Although the journey of remodeling may not be quite a thousand steps, although it may feel like it now, it still begins with just one.

Step One: Dream

If you can dream it, we can make it happen but even if you can’t we can still help you to envision your dream. It’s been said that to get inspiration for the design style of a room, start with a single inspiration piece. Think of one piece that you love. Just one piece; a bowl, a vase, a piece of artwork.

Michelangelo said that “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” He saw the statue inside of the rock and went about setting it free.

Set your inspiration piece in front of you and imagine the room you want around it. Gather pictures of rooms and items that inspire you and create an inspiration scrapbook with them. This will help you to begin to piece together exactly what your entire remodel will look like.

After you begin to get an idea of what your dream house remodeling could look like, you will need to create a list.

Step Two: Needs, Wants, and Big Dreams                                    

Make a list of all of the items that you would love to include in your remodel. Divide this list into three parts.

  1. Must-Have
  2. Would Love to Include
  3. Dream Items

This list will help you when you sit down with a contractor to plan the remodel. It sill gives you an idea of which things are priority, which things you are able to afford, and which things that might need to be crossed off of the list if you run into unforeseen expenses during the remodel.

Step Three: Your Why

Why do you want to do this remodel? Really think about this question and dig deep to the root of the answer. Does your home no longer reflect who you really are? Have you outgrown it or have your children grown up and moved out and your home no longer fits your needs? Are you planning on moving and would like to sell your home? Whatever your reason is, it is important to pinpoint it from the beginning and hold onto it throughout the modeling process. This will help you to reach your goal and not to get sidetracked along the way.

Step Four: Establish a Budget

While you may think that you wish that this step of the process wasn’t necessary or that you wish that you could add a couple of zeros to the end of that number, it may surprise you to learn just what can be accomplished with even the most modest of budgets. Don’t worry if your budget isn’t as large as you would like, you can still have the remodel that you want with a little ingenuity and skillful planning.

Step Five: Call a Contractor

The contractors at Mountainwood Homes have helped countless homeowners, just like yourself, remodeling a house in Beaverton, to realize their dreams and then make those dreams into a reality. It all starts with a single step. Call today to begin your journey.



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