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Hidden TV Cabinets

There is no denying it; we love our televisions. Forget the family room – our design team has been addressing a growing trend to integrate TVs into other rooms in the home. Love to watch the Today Show when you get ready in the morning? No problem. Cooking along with the Food Network? Why not?

Here are some of our projects with creative uses to get your TV fix.

Master Bathroom Media

Our client wanted to be able to watch “Downton Abbey,” her favorite TV show,  from the tub and desired a beautiful, Hollywood glamour surrounding to relax in.

Master Suite Screen

This Tualatin master bathroom features a TV in the built-in cabinet above the makeup counter.


Wine and TV

A small TV over the wine rack allows for easy watching in the kitchen.

Heather Wood 058

There is no shame in the TV game, you just have to ask. You can have a TV in any room in your home. With a variety of sizes and flat panel screens, we can easily integrate media into our designs.



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