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How to Create a Home Gym

As gyms and fitness centers closed in the pandemic, the home gym is on the rise. It’s not hard to create a routine of daily exercise if you have a dedicated space to get your sweat on. It saves time, and you can create a controllable environment all to yourself. From rubber floor mats, mirrors, music, and equipment find a place in your home to dedicate to your health this year – no excuses!

A Popular Quarantine Project

Check out how Mountainwood Homes’ Project Developer Ivan France took on his own quarantine project – converting an empty “flex space” on the lower level of the home right off the garage into a home gym.

The couple recently purchased a new-to-them home and joke that they purchased it because they needed a space for their new Peloton bike that they ordered at the beginning of lockdown. The Peloton was the first thing delivered to the home, so it makes sense that it has its own dedicated room.

Empty Home Gym Before Remodel

Home Gym After Remodel

Here’s how they converted their space into a useful home gym.


First, mirrors were installed on one wall by our trade partners at DT Glass. There was a foundation wall in the room which created a ledge for the mirrors. While they considered having one large, continuous mirror, they decided to go with three pieces to save money. It achieves the same look for a fraction of the price.

Home Gym Mirrors

Rubber Mats

Next, the existing carpet was ripped up, and replaced with rubber floor tile mats. We used Ultimate Zip-Tiles by Ultimate RB out of McMinnville, and they were recommended and purchased through Contract Furnishings Mart. They’re heavy-duty, 3/8” thick mats made of eco-friendly, recycled rubber content. They are available in all black or black with a color fleck like white, gray, tan, or blue. The mats were installed in an interlocking brick set pattern, therefore they won’t slide around, and the lines nearly disappear when installed.

Baseboards and Paint

The baseboards were removed and reinstalled once the floor tiles were in so it looks seamless. A fresh coat of paint on the baseboard completes the look.


You can’t have a gym without a killer sound system so a set of Klipsch Bluetooth speakers were installed in the corners of the room. Bonus! No cords are visible.

What’s a gym without the right media setup? An extra TV was mounted to the wall with Apple TV to stream workouts onto the screen. The couple plans to install another cable box so they can watch the morning news while working out.


Two modern, low-profile flush mount LED lights replaced the existing, builder-grade flush mount fixtures. They provide more clearance since they’re less than an inch tall and provide enough light in the space.

Gym Equipment

The Peloton is the highlight of the room, but there is something for each of the homeowners. Next, Ivan installed a wall-mounted pull-up bar that does not take up floor space. Then he installed the over-the-door pull system on metal posts on the wall for stability. After finally tracking down free weights and a weight bench, they have all the equipment they need to start the year off right with their daily workout routine. The best part? They have eliminated the obstacles of not going to the gym. It is only a short walk downstairs.

Other Gym Essentials to Consider

  • Roll-up garage doors or sliders to get fresh air
  • Fans
  • Strategically placed electrical outlets for audio/video and exercise equipment. (Consider eliminating the hazardous/dangerous cords and wires)
  • Storage for miscellaneous equipment (exercise bands, free weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, towels)
  • Beverage fridge, water fountain, or water bottle storage to stay hydrated
  • Dry erase board or calendar to track your workouts

Create Your Own Workout Room

Looking to transform an area of your home into a workout area? Look around your house for a space to reimagine. From a corner of your garage to a spare bedroom or bonus room, there is likely an area that you can transform. There are ways to do this project yourself –from laying down floor mats to finding some mirrors. But if your plans are more complex, we can help. You’ll never want to pay for a gym membership again.



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