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Home Remodels That Bring Return on Investment

When you’re considering a home addition in Beaverton, you should also consider the type of addition that brings a good return on investment. You may already have a specific addition in mind. If that’s the case, Mountainwood Homes can help you maximize the remodel so that you get the best potential return for your money if and when you eventually decide to resell your home. New homes in Portland, Oregon are being built all the time, but you can modernize and upgrade your home with the right addition. Here are two ways to make a smart investment in a home remodel.

Extend Your Livable Outdoor Space

In the Pacific Northwest, outdoor time is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty that’s all around your home. There are many ways to maximize your backyard with an outdoor living area with a home addition in Beaverton. Adding a patio or deck to your home, or covering an existing patio or deck, are two great home additions that bring a good return on investment as well as allowing you and your family to take advantage of each and every gorgeous day outdoors. Covered areas also have the added benefit of allowing you to spend more time in an outdoor setting despite the many rainy days in Oregon.

Revamp Your Kitchen

If you’re looking out at your patio from a tired and worn kitchen, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodels are another great investment that bring excellent returns when it’s time to resell. Not only do prime materials like granite counter tops impress potential home buyers, but a fresh look with new cabinetry or flooring also makes for a truly appealing kitchen.

If you’re looking for ways to update your home and increase its value, you may want to consider a kitchen remodel or a home addition in Beaverton. An update to your living space makes it a pleasure to come home to.



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