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How long does a remodel take?

You’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen or bathroom! After months (and sometimes years) of thinking about it, you’re ready to take the plunge and cross off the project from your list. You’ve gathered ideas and have spent hours in front of the TV glued to HGTV, but what they don’t show you in those 42 minutes of programming is a realistic timeline to get the project completed.

At Mountainwood Homes, we follow a proven process and approach every remodel and new home build the same way. There is a tremendous amount of preparation and decisions made behind the scenes that must happen before the construction team shows up on demo day.

We are often asked, “So how long is this going to take?” While no two projects are identical, we do know what’s required to get the job done.

Here are some typical construction timelines:

Permits 4-6 weeks depending on county/jurisdiction
  Currently running 6-8 weeks in Portland
  12 weeks to draw & submit
Design 5 weeks of decision making time
Bathroom Remodel 4-6 weeks of Construction
Kitchen Remodel 6-8 weeks of Construction
Addition 3-5 months of Construction
New Home Construction 4-6 months of Construction depending on house plan

These are sample timelines based on the scope of work listed above. Our clients often add additional projects once we are in their home which can increase the overall timeline of the project.

“If you’re adding square footage or doing major structural changes, you’re going to need to have engineering done,” said Lee Schider, who is on the sales team at Mountainwood Homes. “There are things that have to happen before you can submit for structural permits.”

Permits can be the wildcard in the process since every jurisdiction is different. Our team works on your behalf to submit all plans and make any necessary edits to get your project pushed through. We communicate with our clients about their project’s timeline.

It’s always an exciting time when a project is getting started, and we like our clients to have realistic expectations when it comes to these behind the scenes processes.

If you’re writing in a remodeling project on your holiday list, let’s get started now so you can enjoy your updates with family and friends!



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