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How to Build the Home of Your Dreams

When building new homes in Portland, OR, there are a lot of factors to consider. Do the new home builders in Portland have experience with customizing designs for customers’ needs? Can they work with outside architects you may want to bring in? Do they have designers on staff to work with if you don’t have your own, to help refine your ideas and put them into concrete form? Can they plan for the stylish inner spaces you want to host parties in? How about the eco-friendly design of your dreams?

Construction Best Practices

The right contractor will use quality materials and expert techniques so your home will last. New home builders in Portland have to take the climate, the culture, and your own future plans into account.

It’s not a secret that Portland gets a lot of rain; you’ll want a contractor who can choose materials that will withstand long, damp winters. Portland also has a lovely, vibrant culture of sustainability. Energy efficient construction fits that culture and saves you money on heating and cooling bills at the same time. Windows placed at expert angles can maximize natural lighting, which can offer savings on your electric bill, too. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that natural lighting looks beautiful, either.

Are you thinking about growing your family? Do you need spaces for hobbies? A good contractor will help you build a home to fit both your present and your future.

Choosing Your Partner

Take care when deciding whom to work with when constructing your new home. Carefully look through their portfolio of past projects to discern the breadth of their experience.

Mountainwood Homes is a great partner for new home construction, whether you need help with planning and design, or just want someone to build to the plans you have already. Call today to find your new home builders in Portland.



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