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Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Home design trends come and go. Some designs are timeless classics and others only last for a season. If you’re considering home renovations in Beaverton this spring, you might be surprised at what’s trending for 2018. Find out if your favorites are enduring and ageless or fresh and new.


Kitchen cabinet trends this year include two-toned and bleached cabinets. What’s not trending is white cabinets.  You won’t be seeing as much of them this year. Quartz countertops have replaced granite as the countertop favorite.


Do you remember a few years ago when brass fixtures were all the rage? They were slowly replaced by chrome, brushed nickel, or bronze finishes through the years. Well, this year, brass is making it’s comeback. One of the most surprising trends of 2018 is brass. Shiny brass fixtures are showing up everywhere. Adding a warm tone to any room, this sun-shiny metallic is especially popular in kitchen and bathroom faucets. So, if you already have brass fixtures that were outdated years ago but are still in good condition, count yourself lucky (and trendy) this year.


The simple, yet classic, white subway tile isn’t being replaced this year but it does have a rival for first place. This rival comes from quite the opposite end of the spectrum as far as color and style go. From brightly-colored tiles to busy patterns, unique tiles will be in many kitchen makeovers in Beaverton this year. Creative designs, eye-catching shapes (especially geometric shapes) and bold colors will all be making appearances in kitchen makeovers in Beaverton this year.


Terrazzo flooring hasn’t been seen much since its popularity back in the 70’s but it’s also making a comeback this year. Terrazzo flooring (and tile) is considered a really versatile flooring that goes well with a lot of different styles and decors. This fact alone lends to its recent rise to popularity making it ideal for a variety of home designs.


During this age of high-tech gadgets where time is more valuable that most any asset we have, it is not surprising to find that technology is popping up everywhere; even in the kitchen. From automatic, hands-free faucets to sensor-activated lights, technology is showing up to make life easier for everyone this year. As you save time and effort, you will be able to enjoy the best parts of cooking and entertaining with a little more ease this year.

Trends can be surprising, enjoying, and puzzling sometimes. You might find that some of these trends appeal to you or you may prefer to start a trend of your own. Either way, if you’re remodeling a house in Beaverton this year, let Mountainwood Homes help you get the design of your choice for a new home project. Call today at 503-746-7338 or fill out this online form for more information about home construction.



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