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What To Do with That Awkward Kitchen Desk

When it comes to remodeling your home, one of the most challenging aspects can be dealing with awkward spaces, like a desk in the kitchen. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, a kitchen desk can quickly become a source of clutter and frustration. But fear not; there are several options for dealing with that awkward space when remodeling your kitchen.

How to update the outdated desk in the kitchen:

Turn it into a beverage station

One creative option for repurposing a kitchen desk is to turn it into a beverage station. A beverage station is especially useful if you enjoy entertaining or have a large family. You can remove the desk surface and replace it with a coffee bar area or under-counter refrigerator. You could also add shelves for glasses and other beverage accessories. This will not only create more storage space in your kitchen, but it will also provide a functional and stylish area for serving drinks.

outdated desk in the kitchen in lake oswego
Before: This 1990 traditional Lake Oswego home had an unused desk in the kitchen. the goal was to create a more modern style and an open-concept floor plan.
beverage station in kitchen remodel
We converted the outdated space into a beverage station. The new floor plan gets kids and guests out of the kitchen.


outdated desk in kitchen
Before, the extra doorway near the pantry chopped up the kitchen layout in this West Linn home.
large kitchen with grey and white cabinets
Now, the new kitchen layout creates space for a more oversized island and better appliance placement – including the microwave, wall oven, and under-counter beverage fridge.

Create more storage

If you decide to keep the desk in your kitchen, consider creating more storage space to make it a functional and organized area. You could add shelving or cabinets above the desk to store cookbooks, dishes, and other kitchen essentials. You could also install drawers or cabinets for additional storage. Not only will this make the area more useful, but it will also help to reduce clutter in your kitchen.

before kitchen with built in desk
Before the kitchen remodel, a desk became the catchall in this 2022 Portland home.
after with built-in appliance wall
The new layout of this Portland whole house renovation moved the fridge and double ovens where the desk used to be to create a better flow for the family, which enjoys cooking and baking.


cluttered desk in outdated kitchen
Before renovating the kitchen, the small desk in the kitchen was a catchall for cookbooks.
glass display cabinets in kitchen to display chinaware
Now, the Beaverton kitchen renovation has a dedicated spot for our client’s cookbook collection. The area is now a display cabinet for the couple’s special wedding china.


outdated desk in kitchen
Before: The goal of this 1955 Portland kitchen remodel was to design a better functioning kitchen and pantry space.
updated desk in the kitchen
Now, the built-in pantry wall provides more organized storage. The built-in desk is more usable as the family’s command center, with plenty of open shelving above.


Get rid of it completely

If the desk in your kitchen is taking up valuable space and is not being used, getting rid of it completely may be the best option. Removing the desk can help to open up the kitchen and make it feel more spacious. This will give you more room to add other functional elements to your kitchen, such as a larger island or more countertop space. Getting rid of the desk will also eliminate the need to maintain and clean an unused area in your kitchen.

outdated desk in a small corner in the kitchen
A small desk beside the refrigerator was tight with the island layout.
appliance wall in kitchen with large island
Now, the 1990s desk was removed so the appliances could be reconfigured in this Hillsboro whole house remodel.
outdated kitchen with cluttered countertops
The surface became the catchall for the family.
built-in pantry storage cabinets
The outdated desk was removed to create floor-to-ceiling, built-in pantry storage. Our client’s Beaverton home has been updated for a more modern look.


Time to upgrade the desk in the kitchen?

In conclusion, there are several options for dealing with an awkward desk in your kitchen during a remodel. Whether you choose to turn it into a beverage station, create more storage, or get rid of it completely, there’s a solution that will work for your home and your family. Consider your needs and preferences and get creative with the space you have. With a little imagination, you can turn that awkward desk into a functional and stylish addition to your space. Reach out to Mountainwood Homes to design and build your kitchen remodel.



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