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Master Bathroom: Should I remove the tub?

One of the most frequently asked questions from clients looking to do a master bathroom remodel is, “Should I remove my bathtub in the master bathroom? I never use it, but will this hurt resale value?”

Three little words come to mind: ‘move that tub!’ In many cases, master bathrooms aren’t terribly large, and tubs take up prime real estate that could be used for a feature of the room that you would use more frequently.

Generally, there are two camps when it comes to bath tubs: you either love to soak and relax in the tub, or you throw your suitcases and dirty clothes in the tub. Remodeling forces you to choose a side.

If you have a bath tub in another bathroom in the house, you really aren’t hurting your changes at resale value. If you’re considering removing the only tub in the house, well, then it’s time to analyze why you don’t like your tub to begin with. If it was new, had updated features, and took up less room – would you use it?

The team at Mountainwood Homes can help you determine the best solution for your bathroom.  It is beneficial to have a professional come out and see the space to help you determine the best plan.

After all, remodel to improve your life, not for a potential, faceless buyer that may buy your house in 13 years. You will use this room day in and day out and any improvements you make should make your life easier.

According to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, for a mid-rage bathroom remodel project in Portland, Oregon, you will recoup 75% of the project costs. For an upscale bathroom project, you will recoup over 61% at resale.

Here are some projects where Mountainwood Homes removed the large tub and installed a walk-in shower:



Some examples of master bathrooms that feature a bath tub:





 What’s your vote? Bathtub or no bathtub? Leave us a comment below.



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