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Q&A with Robert and Heather Wood

Meet Mountainwood Homes

Not long ago, our weekly, team meeting was held around the kitchen table (kitchens are the heart of the home, right?). Since 2008, the team at Mountainwood Homes has steadily grown, and we barely fit around one large conference room table. We currently have 30 talented home enthusiasts on our team and a strong network of loyal trade partners, but it all started with two.

Mountainwood Homes is led by Robert and Heather Wood, the husband-and-wife duo who have built a business that combines their love of great design, exceptional craftsmanship and doing what’s right for our homeowners.

When did you get started in the industry?

ROBERT: “My dad is a general contractor so I started working in construction in the summer when I was 12 years old doing labor work and went on to do framing; I have been in it ever since. I put myself through college doing construction work and working for different contractors.”

HEATHER: “In 1996 I started my own interior decorating business. It was a very small company, and I went door to door with flyers promoting my business.  If I think back, I think I feel in love with homes when I was about 6 or 7. My father being in the home building/real estate business took the family through some of their model homes.  The decorator (still remember her name) made such an impression on me.  I think I was born with a wallpaper book in my hand…so thankful wallpaper is back!”


Where did the idea for Mountainwood Homes come from? Where did the company name come from?

ROBERT: “The company origin came in 2008, and I was no longer employed. I could reinvent myself in a new industry, which a lot of people did, but I did what I knew best –I started remodeling. The Mountainwood name came from Heather. We like the outdoors, and it plays well with our name. It has nothing to do with lodges like some people think.”

HEATHER: “The name Mountainwood Homes came from my interior design business, Meadowood Design Group. I love meadows and fields, and I was trying to think what does Robert love? And it hit me –mountains!  Since our last name is Wood, it made great sense.  Robert is a mountain of a man, and the name fit. The idea of the company came during the downturn when so many builders were laid off.  Robert had a great job with a luxury home builder and found himself without a job. I encouraged him to start his own thing since there isn’t anything he can’t build. He bought a truck, we designed a logo and off he went to look for business.”


What do you enjoy most about building and remodeling?

ROBERT: “I enjoy meeting with clients, listening to their ideas and making them come to life.”

HEATHER: “The best part of remodeling and building business is the creative process.  Coming up with new designs and ideas to make the homeowner’s life better is very satisfying.  All homes have personalities, and it’s our job to bring out the best in them.”


Most unique project you’ve worked on?

ROBERT: “There have been all different challenges. From Habitat for Humanity, building a home in a week, to a custom home like the one we finished at the beach that has all of these details, to a kitchen remodel that had some problems to work through. I don’t know if there’s a specific one that was the biggest challenge – they all have something.”

HEATHER: “The most unique project would be a beach home we just completed for one of our fantastic homeowners.  We have done several projects with this couple, and the home is NW contemporary.  The layout literally started from a napkin design when the client was on a plane. It’s beautiful with walnut wood and floating cabinets throughout. It was a challenge because the project was 2 ½ hours away so it wasn’t easy to run over and check on progress.”


What challenges/opportunities do you see for the industry?

ROBERT: “The challenge right now is with young people coming into the business; there aren’t very many getting into the trades or homebuilding. We’re also still living through some of the fallout from 2008. The opportunities are that we have a strong economy and market for remodeling. There are a lot of opportunities to work with new people to bring their ideas to life.”

What’s one thing you wish homeowners understood about remodeling?

ROBERT: “The biggest obstacle is the misinformation that great TV shows can produce, whether it’s with budget, timeline or the process. Secondarily, the thought that anyone can do it; Anyone can do it, but only a few can do it right.”

HEATHER: “One of the challenges for the remodeling business is with all the flip and fixer upper shows on HGTV.  While I love to watch these shows, it can set unrealistic expectations for homeowners. The speed in which they flip the homes and the pricing may not be accurate. These shows are great because they get homeowners to dream about renovating their own space, and then it’s our job to educate our clients about what it really takes to get it done.”

If you could be in any other business, what would it be?

ROBERT: “I wouldn’t do anything else. I love what I do so I don’t look at other businesses or really even think about it. It crosses my mind if I could make a good living driving cars in car commercials. But I’m blessed. I love what I do.”

HEATHER: “I would have liked to be a chef and run a country inn.   I enjoy cooking and was in the hotel business before interior design for many years.   The two careers are similar in that they are very creative and expressive.  I love to make food taste great and look beautiful on the plate.  How we present our ideas, products, and ourselves is so important.”


How do you spend your free time?

ROBERT: “I like spending time with family, Heather and the kids. I like to hike, hunt and be outdoors. I also like to golf.”

HEATHER: “Free time – there’s not a lot of that these days.  Hobbies include golf, cooking, antique shopping, hiking and spending time with family and friends.


Final thoughts?

ROBERT: “I feel blessed to be involved with Mountainwood Homes. We have great clients and a great team working here. I love coming to work. Not everyone gets to say that, but I do.”

HEATHER: “I am very thankful to come to work every day and get to work with wonderful people, including my husband.  We have a great and talented team that really care about our homeowners.  We strive to be the best at all times and always do the right thing for our clients.”



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