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Celebrating National Puppy Day!

While we celebrate puppies and encourage adoption around the globe every day, March 23, 2016 is officially National Puppy Day!

Man’s best friend sure has us wrapped around his or her paws. Since our pets are such special members of the family, it’s no surprise that our clients love to incorporate their precious pooches into the design of their home.

Laundry Room Dog Wash
Working with our team to design your dream home allows you to add special features into the plan to make your life easier. Mountainwood’s resident CADD expert Petr shows off his 3-D drawing of a raised dog wash in the laundry room that allows the clients to wash their muddy pup and throw the wet towels right into the wash. A clean dog is a happy dog! And our clients will be happy to have the mess contained to one area of the house.


Pull-Out Dog Bowls
With a large Bullmastiff that drooled all over floor during dinner time, we created pull-out dog bowls in this NE Portland kitchen remodel. When dinner’s over, the bowls can be concealed as part of the cabinetry.


Garage Grooming
Our clients are proud pup parents to several golden retrievers so the design of their custom home in Aurora has taken their pack into consideration. The new garage will feature an area to groom and board the dogs.


Built-In Bench for Bird Watching
This whole house remodel utilizes every inch of the cottage’s small footprint. The custom built-in bench seat ties into the media center and gives Biscuit the dog the perfect place to watch over this West Linn property.


Guard Dog
This family’s dog watches over the custom home we built on a 45-acre site in Oregon City a few years back.


If you’re interesting in adopting a pet, please visit:
Oregon Humane SocietyOregon Dog RescueThe Pixie Project and other local rescue facilities.

Curious what type of dog is your perfect match?
PawsLikeMe asks you some personality and lifestyle questions and fetches you available dogs in your area to adopt.



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