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Your New Home Can Be a Green Home

new home builders PortlandNew home builders in Portland and all over the world are all working hard to bring the latest and greatest to consumers. For homebuyers who want to save the most money long term and also create a better planet, it’s all about going green. If you’re planning to begin a new home building project, make sure you understand what kind of options are available to keep your home ahead of the trends in environmentalism. Here are the best ways to make your new home green.

 Sustainable Materials

Green home building begins with the basics, the materials. New home builders in Portland are leading the way in developing new and sustainable materials for responsible home building. Instead of the traditional lumber and fiberglass insulation, contractors are starting to use eco-friendly materials, such as straw bales, wool, earth, solar tiles and sustainable concrete.

 Efficient Energy Usage

 After planning out the materials and construction, contractors are then focusing on making the home as energy efficient as possible. This means making careful decisions about the eco-friendliest appliances and building a layout that is designed to let in more natural light and reduce electricity usage.

Focus on Conservation

Conservation is another key component of the new generation of green homes. New home builders in Portland are designing new ways to conserve water, such as keeping a source of rain barrels to collect water for lawn and plant irrigation. Solar energy is also another big trend rising in popularity and helping future home buyers save on their energy costs.

Natural Land Ideas

Finally, the last green trend in new home construction concerns the natural land itself. Instead of designing artificial exterior layouts and landscaping systems that require lots of water and outside energy, home builders are focusing on sustainable systems that reflect the region’s natural ecosystem.

At Mountainwood Homes, you can equip your new home plan with the latest in earth-friendly features. Call now at 503-746-7338 or fill in your information in this online form to find out how.



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