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Open Concept Design

Let’s rip down walls and open spaces up. This is remodeling; and our clients want to drastically improve the livability of their homes which means reworking the space.

The idea of open-concept living is especially desired in the kitchen and main living areas such as the family room or great room.

“In the old days, everything was very compartmentalized due to heating issues – things we don’t even have to deal with anymore,  said Ivan France with Mountainwood Homes. “Now we’re moving towards more open-concept living.”

“There used to be doors everywhere; everything was walled off. The main reason was to contain the heat so you weren’t heating rooms that you were not in,” he said.

Improvements in heating systems allow us to think outside the box and create solutions that mean thinking about spaces differently.

“Just because there is a wall there – doesn’t mean it has to stay. There may be electrical or plumbing in there, but those are things we can move. We can do anything; it’s construction.”

“Most of the time, the walls that we are moving are interior partition walls and have no structural bearing. And if they do, there are plenty of options to put in a beam and it doesn’t even have to be an exposed beam,” he said. “We can slip a beam in the attic and hanger the trusses off of it so there is no visible drop beam.”

Mountainwood Homes was asked to create a plan that eliminated a coat closet, small built-in kitchen pantry as well as partition wall in order to expand the kitchen design and create an open space into the main living areas for this Gladstone home remodel.

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The solution is to remove the closet and pantry, create a large island that connects the spaces for this active family.

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Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the early advocates for open plan design in houses.


What obstacles are you trying to find solutions for? We can help.



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