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paint the town: Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast + tips

Sherwin-Williams has released it’s 2014 Color Forecast, colormix. Sherwin-Williams describes the colors as, “four distinct palettes reflect the world around us: from rich, luminous and luxurious to mysterious, elemental and earthy.”

The current palettes are named Reasoned, Diaphanous, Curiosity and Intrinsic.

With moody greys, delicate pearly pinks, earthy plums, and vibrant golds, blues and purples round out the new schemes.

Download PDF of Color Card

The blue paint in this master bathroom suite really makes the room come alive.

We love using paint to add drama, set the scene and create a canvas to layer other materials such as tiles, cabinet stains, countertops and hardware. Paint is one of the final selections in Mountainwood Homes’ design team’s process to tie the whole project together.

Selecting the perfect paint is not easy. Clients are often nervous about change, but paint color selection is one of Mountainwood Homes’ specialties.

Our designer, Heather Wood shares her paint tips:

– Choose your top 3 favorite paint colors before you paint a 3 foot square on the wall.

– Make sure you do paint a sample on the wall, and look at the color in all lights – morning, evening, with the lights on, and with the lights off. If you’re going to paint more than one room in the same color, try it out in each room since they will take the color differently.

– If you are really unsure about color, hire a professional to come over and get their input. It is usually a small fee, and it will give you the reassurance that you’re on the right track.

– The paint store or painter is a good source for information. Ask them about sheens, stains and for their advice. Don’t forget, paint is their specialty; it’s what they do all day long, so they know what they’re talking about.

– Professional painters are worth the money – especially on the millwork. There’s nothing worse than to ruin beautiful millwork with visible brush strokes. A good millwork painter should leave millwork as smooth as silk.

– Relax! It’s just paint.




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