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Remodeling Your Home Is Easier With a Professional Contractor

If you live in your home long enough, you’re going to reach a point where you want to make some changes to it. It might be right after you move in or it might be after the birth of your third child. Home builders are often, also, remodelers and renovators, so no matter when the desire to change your home strikes you, reaching out to the professional home builders in Portland, Oregon can make the difference between a construction project done right and a project that goes horribly wrong.

Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen or remake your entire house, using a home building company to help you through the process can make your life easier. They know the rules and regulations that go into remodeling homes, and home builders in Portland, Oregon can share this information with you to make sure your home’s upgrade turns out like you envisioned.

Steps Used in the Remodeling Process

There are six steps that contractors, such as Mountainwood Homes, use in the remodeling process:

1.  Explore – What kind of remodeling are you looking to do?

2.  Review – The contractor makes a proposal, which includes pre-sketches, to the homeowner. Changes are discussed and an agreement is signed.

3.  Envision – The homeowner meets with the design team, and, over a series of meetings, the remodeling plan is fleshed out.

4.  Permits – The contractors obtain any necessary building permits from the city.

5.  Pre-Construction Meeting – Once the designs and materials are set, a meeting is held between the contractors and the homeowner to lay out the construction schedule.

6.  Construction Begins – the homeowner sits back and watches their dream come to life.

No matter how large or small of a change you want to make to your home, one of the trusted home builders in Portland, Oregon can help make the process easier for you.



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