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Rethink your space as the kids head back to school

If your child is heading off to college this fall, their room will likely not be used for most of the year. Transforming their bedroom into a larger master suite, den, craft room or area that you’ve always wanted will allow you to utilize your space better.

Need a place for guests and your child to stay on weekends home and over the holidays?

Wall beds create a guest room when you need it and as a functional space the rest of the time. A stylish fold-out bed can transform a den or library into a great guest room. You can literally add a bed to any room in the house.

California Closets wall bed
California Closets wall bed

It can be a hard adjustment when there are no kids in the house for the first time. Working on a remodel can refocus homeowner’s attention on a positive change in their home and lives.

Here are some spare bedroom remodels:

In Garden Home – the client’s children were out of the house so it allowed us to steal one of the four bedrooms and create an exceptional master suite. See the full transformation here.


Over in Tualatin, the master suite was reconfigured in order to steal space from an adjacent bedroom to turn into a full walk-in closet. See the full transformation here.


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