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Royal Renovation: William and Kate’s $7M Remodel

Prince William and Kate Middleton and baby Prince George are in the midst of remodeling their wing of the 17th century palace. What’s the cost for the refurbishment of their wing referred to as Apartment 1-A in Kensington Palace? A reported $7.6 million.


In addition to the $7.5M British taxpayers have put towards the remodel, the couple has put hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own to pay for the improvements.

Kate is now called, “Two Kitchen Kate” because she is adding a smaller family kitchen in addition to the kitchen used to host receptions and other public events; but don’t worry, the royal couple is paying for their second kitchen themselves.

The apartment last housed the Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret, but it was most recently used as office space. From discovering asbestos, gutting the interior and adding a new roof to the 20-room property, the entire place needed to be rehabbed.


We can’t wait to see how the royal remodel turns out. While the apartment will not be accessible to the public, the residence will serve as their primary home and used for official engagements, so we hope the British media can give us a glimpse inside.


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