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rub-a-dub-dub: freestanding tub

The freestanding tub is the latest design trend for remodeled master bathrooms. The streamlined tubs can float in the room and end up being a stylish centerpiece. The popular upgrade replaces the large Jacuzzi tubs with tiled surround which makes the bathroom feel more open and you are able to move freely within the space.

Freestanding tubs have traditionally been expensive (and heavy!), but as more and more manufactures have reacted to the growing trend, there is now a variety of options, materials and price points to select from. From traditional to contemporary and transitional, there is a tub for every taste! Freestanding tubs require either freestanding plumbing or mounting the plumbing fixtures onto a ledge nearby.

The Mountainwood Design Team has noticed that even if a client claims they are not a ‘tub person,’ they enjoy the look of the bathtub – which acts like an art piece in the master bathroom. For the avid tub lover, if the goal of their remodel is to create a spa-like feel, opting for a soaking tub can provide the utmost relaxation.

This newly completed Beaverton master bathroom remodel features a contemporary freestanding tub:


If you’re considering a stylish, freestanding tub in your next bathroom remodel, allow the Mountainwood Homes Design Team to help you select the pièce de résistance of your space.



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