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Should you replace your cabinets?

When clients are considering a remodel, they are often debating whether or not they want to replace their existing cabinetry. Cabinets are an important decision early on in the process because they set the tone for the space and several other decisions are determined by the cabinet layout.

Some questions to ask yourself if you are considering keeping your existing cabinetry:

“Do I like my cabinets?”
“Do they provide enough storage for my needs?”
“Are they in good condition?”

It can be less expensive to refinish your existing cabinets, but you are passing up the opportunity to get the new features that new cabinetry offers.

Do you want pull-out shelving, built-in spice racks, knife drawers, soft-close hardware, and solid wood interiors?

Sometimes, it is not as large of a price tag as you’d think to make the jump to all new cabinetry considering the benefits you receive and the ability to customize the design.

Keeping your existing cabinets can save money towards your budget, however, there is prep work and labor to re-stain or paint your existing cabinets.

Some wood species are friendlier to refinish than others. Although we have successfully painted and stained oak, if you are trying to make a stained oak look like anything other than stained oak, it probably isn’t going to happen. Painting or staining cabinets a new color will change the overlook look of the space, but if you are going for a new style – then often times, changing out the style of door is most effective.

Here are a few Mountainwood Homes projects that utilize the client’s existing cabinetry:

Re-stained Cabinets

shaker-shake-up-kitchen-remodel-before (2)




Painted Existing Cabinets:




relaxed-oasis - Before 1

relaxed-oasis - 086



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