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Turn Your Bathroom Into the Perfect Private Oasis

The bathroom is the one room in the home that you may hang out in when you want peace, privacy and relaxation. Whether you are using the toilet, taking a shower or even soaking in the tub while trying to relive some stress, it is important for this room in your home to look its best. If it currently looks outdated and messy, bathroom renovations in Portland could help you transform this room into the perfect private oasis.

New Paint Color

Start the renovation process by selecting a new color for the walls. Some popular color choices for the bathroom include:

1. Light Gray

2. Pastel Purple

3. Sky Blue

4. Golden Beige

Painting the walls with a new and elegant color is a simple yet effective way to improve the appearance of your bathroom and make it feel more inviting from the minute you step foot inside of it.

Beautiful Bathroom Countertops

While some people think of countertops for their kitchens, there are countertops available  for the bathroom, too. Some of the common countertop materials include:

1. Quartz

2. Granite

3. Soapstone

4. Marble

These different countertop materials are available in a number of beautiful and stylish colors. Getting one installed would be one of several bathroom renovations in Portland you could have completed by the professionals.

Framed Mirrors

Although a new color of paint could add excitement to the room, you may feel like the walls look a bit too plain. If you are not sure what to add to the walls, consider getting framed mirrors installed. These mirrors add a classic touch to the bathroom.

Elegant Floor Tiles

Finish the renovation process by choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom floor. With many options available, you should have no problem finding a specific material and color that suits your needs best. Mountainwood Homes may be able to help you select the perfect tiles for the floor.

Plan out your bathroom renovations in Portland and let the contractors know exactly what you would like to have done. You may be able to complete a full transformation by making the right changes.



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