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What’s Trending in Design

Last month, the Design Team at Mountainwood Homes attended Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas to discover the latest trends, products and attend informative education courses in order to bring back the latest and greatest to our clients.

More than 110,000 housing industry professionals attended several events over the three days which included the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS), the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, the International Window Coverings Expo and The International Surface Event.


Some interesting takeaways:

The average home is 37 years old which means the majority of homes are ripe for a remodel. How people live and work within their home is changing since Gen Y and millennials make up a large portion of the population. Predictions show that by 2020, 40% of workers will freelance from home. Home offices and flex workspace will become even more important to integrate into the home.

The trend is to “mix it.” Homeowners are creatively pairing colors, textures and materials. Kitchen countertops on the island can be different color and material from the perimeter for contrast.

Experiment with Cabinet door or drawer fronts being stained differently from the base cabinetry for added impact.

IMG_0908 IMG_0920

Modernize the kitchen look into a traditional home setting as long as there is a unifying millwork package to blend the two styles.

Brass is back! Matte gold finish is trending on hardware, plumbing and lighting. It looks great paired with strong color for contrast.




Sculptural tiles make a statement in large format. Enhance shower and floor tile combinations with contrasting borders, tile rug details or a textured tile wall for design focus.

IMG_0992 IMG_0991 IMG_0989 IMG_0981

While in the past, homeowners were concerned with keeping up with their neighbors, now the trend is more focused on curating a collection of favorite things from traveling and collecting over the years. Today’s homeowners want to make a personal statement in their home, and create a brand, not the same as all their neighbors.

The home is a social space where the kitchen functions as the real living room. Kitchens that flow into the great room are functional and comfortable. Clients usually fall into two categories – sink person or stove person. Which one are you? With the farm to table movement and foodie culture, many homes have a two-cook kitchen so the design of the space needs to accommodate them sharing the space.

At Mountainwood Homes our goal is to help you imagine what has not existed before. What’s the space going to feel like, look like or function like? Our team is here to guide you through making selections in order to solve your space’s problems. Remodeling and building a new home is an experience. Things that are luxurious to you may not be important to someone else – and that’s fine; it’s your home! At the end of the remodel, you should be able to stand in your new kitchen or bathroom and be extremely happy that everything came together just as you’d like. While there’s always the latest technology or design trends, some things are timeless and how to weave the new with the parts of your home that haven’t been touched is an art.

There is so much great momentum in our industry right now. The Builders’ Show is always time well spent for our team to get inspired and re-energized.



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