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why we love Houzz

Albert Einstein said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

Well, the cat’s out of the bag!

Lately, our source has been the website and app, Houzz.  You are able to browse the largest database of home photos and ideas in the word, share and collaborate. Houzz also allows you to ask questions to the professionals. We get alerts when people want to know a certain paint color, product or dimensions, and we eventually do answer them all.

Thinking about a remodel? Houzz is a great place to start.

Once our designers meet with you to see your space, they gain greater insight into what you’re trying to accomplish with your remodel. If a client has a Houzz account, they will often show us photos of rooms or elements that they like and we are able to find the underlying theme to why they chose the photos they did.

Sometimes we consult Houzz to get a few ideas to incorporate into our own designs – especially for creative cabinetry and space planning. We all need a little creative fuel every now and again, and we often turn to magazines and Houzz to spark the next great idea.

If you’re on Houzz, make sure to follow Mountainwood Homes. We post many of our projects, and you can ask specific questions or add the photos to your own idea books.

 Here’s how to get started on Houzz and share your ideabooks.



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