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Design Selections: Where to Splurge or Save?

There are many design selections to make during a remodel. What’s worth the investment? Where can you save?  Mountainwood Homes’ owners, Robert and Heather Wood, fill us in on what elements of a home project are worth your while and where you can save and still get the desired look.   Heather Wood’s Design Suggestions: […]


What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

You’ve heard the name thrown around, but what exactly is Luxury Vinyl Tile? It’s a manufactured material that looks like real wood and stone. Recently, our clients have been choosing it more and more on projects because it is great for wear and tear. No wonder it’s highly used in commercial spaces such as restaurants. Anyone […]

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Building a Contemporary Style Custom Home in Beaverton

The contemporary style is an innovative and open-minded style that is constantly changing. At the heart of contemporary design is a true self-expression that should be evident by personal touches. Although it is simple, subtle, and sophisticated, the goal of contemporary design is to nurture togetherness and an enjoyment of life. It uses modern styles, […]


6 Ways to Sabotage Your Renovation

Looking to undermine your own renovation? Trying to make the whole things fall apart? No, I thought not. Renovation can be a positive experience or a nightmare. There are a few things to be aware of before you go into home renovations in Beaverton or you just may find that YOU are your own worst […]