How we’re a home remodeler that ensures Beaverton, Portland & SW Washington a project that’s on time and on budget.

A question our clients ask us is, “So, what’s the next step?”

Think of us as more than your contractor and designer. We’re your remodeling and custom home building tour guide who helps you navigate through the unfamiliar waters of home renovation and remodeling, and keeps you informed every step of the way.

The following is an overview of our process and how we coordinate chaos to ensure a smooth project from start to finish:



You’ve been dreaming about your project for years. After watching hours of HGTV, ripping pages out of magazines and collecting ideas online, you’ve decided to do something about it and partner with Mountainwood Homes to honor your vision and make it a reality.



From nailing down the floor plan to working with the design team to collaborate on all of the detailed material selections, your home project transforms and the plan becomes clearer.


Construction begins, and your Project Manager coordinates all of the moving parts. He establishes a building schedule, provides you with daily progress reports and oversees your job. The day-to-day progression unfolds in front of you; our knowledgeable team brings your drawings and dreams to life.



Once the construction dust has settled, you and your family can enjoy the improved functionality and aesthetic updates to your home.

Here is a detailed, step-by-step look at what you can expect when you’re a Mountainwood Homes client:

  1. Let’s get started! Call or email us to schedule a first appointment at your home, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
  2. A Project Developer will meet with you at your house to look at your projects. They will listen to what’s not working in the space, discuss the scope of work, timing and investment range you are looking to stay within. By the end of the meeting, if you decide that it’s a mutual good fit to move forward, we will talk with you about next steps to working together. This meeting is typically one hour.
  3. Once we sign a Design Agreement, we go into action with initial design plans. We will draw up existing/new layouts and show you 3D renderings so you are able to envision your home with the improvements.
  4. We will create a fixed-bid proposal based on the initial design perimeters.
  5. Once you decide to work with Mountainwood, you would sign a contract and we go right into Design – the detailed selections and planning phase. This is where you would work with the Design Team to make final selections. Then, we order and track all products so everything is ready to go for our Construction Team. We don’t tear up your home until we are ready to put it all back together.
  6. Before construction begins, we schedule a Pre-Construction Meeting to officially hand-off from Design to Construction and introduce you to your Project Manager who will handle the day-to-day on your project.
  7. Construction begins!
  8. We use cloud-based software to communicate with you. This holds all the information related to your project, from design selections, messages between the team, updates from the Project Manager and progress photos. You are also able to see the construction calendar and payment information.
  9. Once the project is complete, we offer a 2-year warranty; we are building clients for life.