Shower Trends

If you spend each morning dreaming of a more luxurious space to start your day, we understand! In addition to the kitchen, the master bathroom is the second most popular space to renovate because it impacts how you start and end each day. A great bathroom shower makes all the difference. The bathroom is the […]

A Village for One Banner

Donations Needed for New Women’s Shelter

We understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable home. This holiday season, Mountainwood Homes has partnered with A Village for One to collect gift cards and household items for their new women’s shelter opening in Clackamas County. A Village for One is building a six-bedroom home to serve girls and young women caught […]


Creating a Mudroom

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a spot to put your wet raincoat and muddy shoes as you walk in the door? Don’t overlook the importance of creating a mudroom! In the Pacific Northwest, this has become a necessary home feature that can keep you organized while the rest of your home clean. So, what’s […]

Adult Son Moving Out Of Parent’s Home

Life Changes Serve as Reasons to Remodel

There’s always something! Life changes are one of the biggest motivators to remodel.  Here are some common life scenarios that cause homeowners to remodel.  Mom or dad needs to move in with you?   Kid’s off to college? (and your house is your own again?) Need more room for your family?   Moving into a […]

Mountaiwood-Homes-Community-Service (1)

Mountainwood Volunteers to Help Tigard Homeless

Mountainwood Homes schedules community services days throughout the year to give back to the communities in which we work. This is a time for all employees to leave our regular job sites and lend our skills, manpower, and time to a great cause. Our latest community service project brought our team to the Just Compassion […]