Remodeling and building a custom home in the Beaverton, Portland and SW Washington areas can be a daunting journey. We are the experienced guide who can see you through from start to finish. Our design-build services provide everything you need for your remodel under one roof. For more details, visit The Experience section of this website.

First, contact us and let us know what projects you’ve been thinking about. We will provide some insights, but most of all—we will listen to your goals, discuss timing and budget, as well as let you know how to get your project done through our process.

Make sure the contractor you’ve hired has a good reputation. Does the company have a sizeable amount of positive reviews? Do they belong to any associations? Have they won any awards for their work? These are the things a quality contractor in the Beaverton, Portland and SW Washington areas should be able to provide you. Visit our Awards and Testimonials pages to see some of our own reviews. By looking at this section of our site, you’ll see we are more than qualified to handle your project.

There is a lot of necessary, up-front work to get to the start of construction. Our team guides you from concept to layout design and material selections. We can get started right away with our process to determine all the details that need to be completed before the actual construction begins. Our team is always starting and finishing jobs, so we do not have a backlog before we can begin working on your project.

Unless it’s a very large-scale project, no. Most of our clients live in their homes while construction is underway. We do everything we can to make the experience easy and pleasant.

The industry-average labor warranty is one year. We double that with a comprehensive, two-year labor warranty. This is in addition to our extensive product warranties.


We don’t have a one-size-fits-all model. We build homes to fit our client’s needs.

No, but we can help design your plans. We have designed thousands of homes each one unique to our client’s lifestyle.

Yes. We can help navigate all the necessary steps to build your new home and work through the city’s process.

Yes. We are a certified Earth Advantage Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP), and we can help you evaluate cost verses benefit for any green building/efficiency features.

A typical new home can be built in 5-6 months, but the process of getting land secured, permits obtained and approval can take time, so let us help you get it done.