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3 Tips For a Great Bathroom Remodel

When your bathroom becomes dated and worn, it’s time to start planning a remodel. A project like this can seem overwhelming, but when you partner with the right company, bathroom renovations in Portland can be exciting and enjoyable. Mountainwood Homes offers expert planning, design and execution of stunning new bathrooms. Here are three top tips to take into consideration when planning your bathroom remodel.

1. Create Ambience With Tile and Flooring

Tile and flooring in a bathroom are one of the key considerations when you’re undertaking a remodel project. A master bath remodeling company in Lake Oswego can help advise you on the best patterns and materials for your particular project. If you want to consider trends in tile, you may want to visit a local trade show that features bathroom remodel ideas.

2. Take Energy Efficiency Into Account

Bathroom renovations in Portland will include replacing fixtures, and you can opt to install more energy efficient models in your new bathroom. Water saving showerheads and toilets can help you save money on your water bills as well as help the environment.

3. Consider the Countertop

If it seems like you never have enough countertop space in your bathroom, now is the time to reconsider how to recoup. When you install a new vanity, choose one that maximizes countertop space so that your bathroom remodel provides you with a more functional area. The original countertop and vanity may not have reflected the way that you use your bathroom on a daily basis, but now they can.

Undertaking bathroom renovations in Portland means that you’ll be faced with a long list of decisions to make and budgetary considerations. If you take the project one step at a time  and work closely with your design and building contractor, you can ensure that your new bathroom is exactly the way you want it.



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