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Macleay Art Studio

Location: Portland, OR

Add space to create.

Our client wanted to build a 375 square-foot art studio onto the back of her 1962 Northwest Portland home to provide creative space devoted to painting. Our designer worked with the homeowner to carefully consider all the details that would completely tailor the area to her craft: storage solutions to house and organize supplies, proper lighting, and durable work surfaces.


Homeowner Wish List

  • Add a home addition to create an art studio
  • Natural light


Project Outcome and Results


  • Used sanded plywood flooring
  • Provided natural light through windows and skylight layout
  • Added beadboard on ceiling
  • Included an exterior door for convenience

Need More Space?

Building an addition onto your home can give you the space you need in the home and neighborhood you already love. Work with our team to design a home addition that blends seamlessly into your existing home.

David was great to work with – knowledgeable, reliable, and spent time explaining the process and timeline. Gaspar is a fantastic craftsman and problem solver. Dustin and Ricky are professional and skilled. A great company!