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Add Value to Your Home by Adding on

Have you ever considered building on an addition to your home? In many cases an addition makes more sense than moving into a new home. You get to stay in the home and neighborhood you are familiar with and you get the benefits of new construction over a large portion of your home. Working with a team of addition contractors in Beaverton can enlighten you on the possibilities of creating valuable new space for your family.

Additions can come in all shapes and sizes. Mountainwood Homes, a professional in house renovation in Beaverton, Oregon, can guide you through the entire process. Its design team will work with you to create to create livable and attractive rooms for your home.

The company has won awards for design excellence and has helped hundreds of customers in the local area. It will meet with you at your home, listen to your goals, and work with you to come up with an exciting plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Addition contractors in Beaverton can add on to the existing structure of your home. A new porch area or an extra bedroom or a study area can add value to your home. Additions can also include buildings that are separate from the main house, such as a retreat to get away from things for a while, or a cottage dwelling where extra guests can spend the night with all of the amenities for a nice stay. These separate additions can encompass all manner of high-quality design elements and take advantage of outdoor space in innovative ways.

If adding on to your home makes sense to you, addition contractors in Beaverton can take care of everything that you need.  It can provide the architects, the planners, and the design team, or it can work with your own team. The end goal is to create an addition you will love.



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