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Bright Idea: Update Lighting for the Holidays

Guest Feature from Tabitha Hilton, Assistant Manager of Beaverton Globe Lighting

Are you ready for the upcoming holidays?  Actually let me ask you, is your home ready for the upcoming holidays?

Lighting plays a huge role in defining a space.

Ask yourself the following questions about your lighting:

–  Is your fixture proportionate to the table and the room?

–  Are you currently getting enough light in your space?

–  Do you like your fixture(s) or are you embarrassed for your mother-in-law to see them?

If you are in love with your fixture but do not like how much light you are getting, there are tricks to providing you more light.
For example, different light bulbs often make a huge difference.

Layering light by having a ceiling fixture and also lamps allow for different mood settings, something you definitely want to have during this upcoming holiday season.

Choosing fixtures is a balance between size, style and light output; you want to have the style and fixture you’ve always wanted but you want the fixture to fit in the space it is going in and have enough light to do the job it is meant to do.

The partnership that Mountainwood Homes and Globe Lighting has created helps you to find the perfect fixtures for your new spaces.

The Mountainwood Homes Design Team has some helpful tips with lighting:

“Decorative lighting is a great way to make a bold design statement,” says Heather Wood. “Fixtures can be changed out easily and not break the bank to change out, unlike counters or tiles.”

Consider timeless vs. trendy: “The industrial look with Edison bulbs are very popular right now, but make sure the fixture will still look good and work with regular bulbs when this trend passes.”

How to pick the right size of fixture: “To choose the right size of chandelier over a large dining table, measure the width of the table. Then, find a chandelier that is one half to two thirds of that width.”

“Designers love dimmers! They provide flexibility to create a mood if they are dimmed or task lighting on full.”

What clients want: “Lighting trend requests from clients are focusing on the ‘color’ of the light bulbs themselves especially with the progression of CFL, halogen and LED possibilities, “said Jean Johnson. “As we get older, we need better task lighting, however not always harsh white light.”

“With pendant styles over the island, we are seeing more requests for larger scaled lights versus the slim pendants. The catch is the shape and position of the island or peninsula itself and how the lights may or may not ‘block’ a view.”

Planning: “Lastly, take the opportunity during your electrical walk to determine if more can lights would be good to add (especially during winter times) and to consider dimmers on the can lighting themselves.”



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