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Eco-friendly Countertops

In honor of Earth Day, here are a few environmentally friendly countertop choices that will make your space not only look great, but you’ll feel better about your contributions to the planet. If you’re thinking of a Kitchen remodel, check out these countertops.

Neolith is a high performance material ideal for applications such as kitchen coverings. It does not scratch or stain, is heat and fire resistant, and the technical porcelain has an extremely low absorption rate which is ideal for food contact and processing. The large format surface is 100% natural and ecological and recyclable.neolith countertop example


Eco Crush produces environmentally-friendly engineered stone slab products made from recycled concrete, rock, glass and bio resin. The 88% post-consumer recycled product is perfect for someone looking for an environmentally conscious solution but also wants the aesthetic of a natural product that is durable and also stain, heat and scratch resistant.

The product, crush, is composed of post-consumer waste products that are headed for landfills, crushed into aggregates and combined with a proprietary bio resin binder. Tons of glass and concrete are put in landfills on a regular basis. Every purchase of crush product reduces this waste.

The maintenance is similar to any a natural slab surface. Because it is composed of recycled stones, the levels of porosity varies. Recommended maintenance includes sealing your counters each year with a simple wipe-on granite and stone sealer.

We love this product so much, we featured it in Mountainwood Homes’ newly redesigned home show booth. The flecks of glass catches your eye at different points and comes in several colors. We chose the earthy ‘High Desert’ variation on the perimeter countertop.

ecocrush countertop example



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