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Hillsboro Kitchen Gets a Swift Makeover

It’s amazing to see a space transform throughout the remodeling process. This Hillsboro kitchen was a quick turnaround. The team was in her kitchen working for just a week, so the changes came fast and furious. Our client, Cheryl, wanted an updated kitchen, but also wanted to adhere to her budget. You’d never guess based on the updated cabinets, new countertops, flooring and better use of the space. We also added in a new dishwasher, microwave and stove to match her existing refrigerator.

Cheryl was a dream client; she was efficient in her use of time to select all of the materials which allowed us to get into the kitchen and start the remodeling process. We removed the peninsula and overhead cabinets which previously made the space dark. We also added a set of  cabinets for additional storage and pantry items. To get more airflow into the room, the new door features a screen window which allows for a fresh breeze without having to keep the door open.

Heather and Cheryl are all smiles as they embark on the Mountainwood Homes remodeling process and checking items off of the list.

Happy client in her new kitchen!

“Everyone was very nice and helpful, and made me feel like my project mattered.” – Cheryl



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