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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Remodel

When you’re thinking about starting a remodel, don’t forget that you’re going to be out of your kitchen for weeks. But what do we eat? Where do we put our dirty dishes? How do we keep our family sane? Remodeling is a temporary state of chaos, and the payout is more than worth it in the end. Think of it like camping in your own home…or a great excuse to try all the restaurants you’ve been meaning to feast at; It’s your call.

Mountainwood Homes Designer, Jean Johnson, provides clients some tips to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

Pack: To help prepare for your kitchen remodeling project, start by gathering boxes to pack up and organize by labeling at the same time, so you can locate if need be. This is an opportune time to sort through some of those items “you didn’t even know you had” or need anymore. It’s a great time to donate old pots and pans, dishes, glassware or utensils to someone who can use them. Then when you move back into your newly renovated space, only the essentials get moved back to give you a fresh start!

Have you looked through your spice cabinet assortment or dry goods in a while? Take time to go through, check dates and toss any that are way past the use by date. Pull everything out and clean, toss and organize into boxes with labels as you go. Stage these into an out of the way place or spare bedroom for ease of locating if needed.

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Kitchen: Think of your temporary kitchen area set up. We can help move the fridge, but staging a table, microwave, electric skillet or hot plate is usually necessary. Paper plates and glasses will help keep the hand washing down to the minimum. Set up a wash and dry station with dish soap, dish cloth, scouring sponge, dry towels and drying rack will come in handy. Get everyone on board in the family to know the what the new routine will look like, and make it as fun and creative as you can.

Cook in advance and freeze casseroles or soups in meal sized portions to take out during the remodel to offset grilling and dining out alternatives.


Have you lived through a remodel before? We’d love to hear your feedback on how to make it work. Leave us a comment below.



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