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There’s 147 days until Christmas!

For any remodel, the holidays always provide the deadline to have the project wrapped up and to have the crew out of your home so you can enjoy the newly revamped spaces. While it’s currently 100 degrees outside, it’s hard to comprehend the fact that in a few short months, your home will be filled with family and friends. Wouldn’t it be great to cross off the projects that have been on your list for a while now?

Very few clients realize the time it takes to get a project ready for the actual construction phase. The process includes design, permitting, drafting up construction drawings and engineering, deciding and ordering material selections, not to mention scheduling and lining up the manpower to get the job done.

Typical construction timelines (from demo to completion):
Kitchens: 6-8 weeks
Master Bathrooms: 4-6 weeks
Additions: 3-4 months

This does not account for the typical 4 week window for design, and additional 4 weeks allocated for permits.

We’re ready to go now! If you have a project that you’ve been thinking about completing, let’s get the process started sooner than later. With today’s fast paced lifestyle of buying things with one-click and having it arrive the next day on our doorstep, we expect immediate results. But a successful remodel or new home build doesn’t always move at the same pace. Our proven process ensures that your project turns out just the way you would expect. And for us, it always feels like Christmas morning when we can do work we’re proud of and create clients for life.



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