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Chef’s Kitchen

Location: Portland, OR

Hard-working kitchen for the whole family.

He loves to cook; she loves to bake. The goal was to transform this Laurelhurst kitchen into a hard-working area that the whole family can enjoy. We maxed out every inch to make an extremely functional space with a drop zone, a built-in bench with cubbies at the back door, and banquette seating. We arrived at the perfect mix of 1920’s architecture with today’s materials, styles, and technology.


Homeowner Wish List

  • A “cooking and living” kitchen
  • Functional design
  • Add a working island
  • Integrate the homeowners’ handmade glass pendant lights into the new look


Project Outcome and Results


  • The wall moved back towards the hallway to create as much space as possible.
  • Reused the original glass out of a swing door and fitting it into the new pocket door.
  • Came up with a creative use for the shallow space left in front of the chase – now a very shallow spice cabinet.

Ready for a new kitchen?

You’ve waited long enough. Let’s transform your kitchen into a space you love. Work with our team to design a beautiful and functional kitchen completely customized to you.

This Laurelhurst home now features a stunning, modernized kitchen for a very active, high-energy, and fun family.