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Garden Party

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Switch things up to maximize your space.

Our clients had recently purchased this 1972 home in the Palisades neighborhood of Lake Oswego. The whole house remodel aimed to rework the layout and create more intentional and functional spaces in the kitchen, laundry room, and lounge area. The best solution was to move the kitchen from the dark corner to create a view of the garden and add more natural light. The powder bathroom transformed into a full bathroom. The homeowners are environmentally cautious, and they were very clear about what they liked and didn’t like, which helped steer the design direction of their project. The new space is warm, with minimalist elements and a bohemian touch to reflect the family and their lifestyle.


Homeowner Wish List

  • Create a minimalistic kitchen
  • Design an open-concept main floor plan
  • Make better use of the space
  • Add bookshelves on the island
  • Incorporate floating shelves to display collective items
  • Install an induction cooktop
  • Add larger windows
  • Move the sliding door near the dining room
  • Make a movie nook where the kitchen used to be
  • Create a laundry room
  • Convert the powder to a full bathroom


Project Outcome and Results


  • Moved the laundry, kitchen, and bathroom around to create a functional layout in a compact space
  • Incorporated a smaller dishwasher since they only handwash & use the gray water for their garden
  • Used Walnut cabinet hardware on the Alder cabinets
  • Transformed the powder bathroom into a full bathroom

Create the home you’ve always wanted.

Need help turning your outdated home into a fully functional and refreshed space? Work with our team to discover what’s possible, how to bring it all together, and create a cohesive look from room to room.

The kitchen is so much better; it has been relocated to an area with new windows that bring in lots of light. We also have a dedicated laundry room, a bathroom with a shower, and a sweet little nook for our TV den. The use of space is vastly improved!