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Happy Place

Location: Beaverton, OR

The ideal renovation recipe.

When tackling a big project like renovating their 1940s galley kitchen, this savvy DIY couple wanted to outsource and hire the professionals. Their small Beaverton kitchen had lived its life and needed to be functional for this couple who enjoy cooking and baking. The kitchen cart and dishwasher on wheels had to go, and they thoughtfully decided on a permanent layout that made the best use of the space. The couple was clear on what they wanted and why they wanted it from the start, which made for a great collaboration and smooth project execution.


Homeowner Wish List

  • Functional kitchen
  • Continuous countertops
  • Butcher block countertops on the range wall
  • Quartz countertops on the sink wall
  • Multi-zone workspaces
  • Better hood venting for the new induction range
  • More storage for baking supplies
  • Use of teal color


Project Outcome and Results


  • Created distinct work zones for cooking, baking, and a coffee station
  • Installed durable floating shelves to maximize storage
  • Added upgraded light fixtures to infuse personality into the space
  • Added a ventilation hood to improve air quality in the cooking area
  • Incorporated a statement accent tile on the range wall
  • Added a new exterior door

Ready for a new kitchen?

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The clients did a lot of research and were clear on what they wanted and why they wanted it from the beginning. They took it very seriously and respected our relationship. We took their vision and used our resources to bring it to life.