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Homey Harvest

Location: Dundee, OR

Multigenerational home is ready for the next chapter.

When our client purchased his childhood home and the surrounding apple orchard from his parents, the goal was to remodel the 1970 Dundee home to fit the whole family. The modified floor plan flows better for multigenerational living with the parents on the main level to age in place and the son and wife on the upper level. The whole home remodel mixes vintage elements with modern updates to create an approachable home that reflects who they are.



Homeowner Wish List

  • Bigger kitchen with island
  • Create a green kitchen
  • Move the stairwell
  • Create a larger living room area
  • Include an ADA-compliant shower on the main level
  • Add HVAC system
  • Create a laundry room
  • Add storage spaces
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Bring the home up to code and be structurally safe


Project Outcome and Results


  • Updated upper floor system since it was undersized and sagging
  • Reframed interior walls for new design
  • Dug 3’ deep trench for electrical feed
  • Installed new electrical panel and additional circuits
  • Installed new insulation
  • Added new vinyl window at the kitchen sink
  • Widened the doorways
  • Created a private retreat upstairs for the primary bedroom, large walk-in closet, bathroom, guest room, and hangout room
  • Selected unique lighting fixtures to create a vintage and curated look

Create the home you’ve always wanted.

Need help turning your outdated home into a fully functional and refreshed space? Work with our team to discover what’s possible, how to bring it all together, and create a cohesive look from room to room.

The home feels safer now. It fits who we are. We are approachable, homey folks.