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Radio Remodel

Location: Portland, OR

Fireplace focal point.

We completed a second project at the home of Stacey Lynn, our favorite K103 on-air personality. This time around, we tackled the fireplace in the family room and flooring throughout her home. Aside from wanting to update the look and feel, there was another reason for the remodel. Stacey’s doctor advised her to rip up the old carpet throughout the house to help with the terrible allergies that her family experiences each year. Allergens like dust mites and pet dander can get trapped in the carpet, causing allergic reactions to occur, so it was an easy choice! Keep the cat but rip up the carpet!


Homeowner Wish List

  • Remove old, smoky wood-burning stove
  • Install new gas fireplace
  • Rip up the old carpet and replace it with solid oak hardwoods
  • Refinish the existing hardwoods to blend it all together
  • Repaint the walls


Project Outcome and Results


  • Framed a new fireplace between the two existing windows.
  • Installed a gas fireplace.
  • We built shelves on the sides of the fireplace to hide the cable box and gaming consoles.
  • Added new hardwoods to the family room, staircase, bedrooms, and upstairs hallway.
  • We refinished the existing hardwoods to blend them all.

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The fireplace is the new focal point. I sit here with the fireplace going in my cozy grey blanket and my cup of coffee and do my show preparation at 4 am. We literally spend all of our time here.