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Stately Rejuvenation

Location: Sherwood, OR

Refreshed and remodeled every room.

Our clients bought their home 24 years ago and raised their children in the home. The Sherwood home is situated in a beautiful private setting, and they cannot duplicate the location in today’s market. They decided to remodel it to finally fix the leak in their master shower. They had been sharing a bathroom with their sons for over 10 years! We worked with them to update their entire home and we touched every room.


Homeowner Wish List

  • Update entire home as tastes have changed
  • Cohesive design from room to room
  • Larger kitchen island & relocate cooktop
  • Replace walk-in pantry with built-in cabinetry
  • Fix master shower leak
  • Remove carpeting and add hardwood
  • Update grand staircase


Project Outcome and Results


  • Removed all balusters on the grand staircase to refinish the hardwood, and a fresh coat of paint livened up the beautiful central feature of the home.
  • Freshened up laundry room with new paint and flooring and kept existing cabinets.
  • Updated the look of sheetrock arches and round support columns.
  • Added wood to the dated stepped ceilings in the living and dining room to add warmth.

Create the home you’ve always wanted.

Need help turning your outdated home into a fully functional and refreshed space? Work with our team to discover what’s possible, how to bring it all together, and create a cohesive look from room to room.

Everyone did a really good job and was very professional. They stayed on the schedule through smoke, COVID-19, and normal construction issues.